Dinner + Theatre Show




About the Show

Cafetín La Quimera, located in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, is a small and intimate venue with flamenco shows featuring locally and nationally recognized artists. The venue is dedicated to offering the public an authentic flamenco experience at a reasonable price. The flamenco performances are held from Monday through Sunday, with one show per night during the weekdays and two shows per night during the weekends. Ticket packages include the option of the show with drink or dinner, featuring different menus of traditional Spanish dishes that can be sampled tapas style. There is also the option of an introductory flamenco class held an hour and a half before the start of the show.

Inside the venue has a small bar with a collection of photos of the performances. The atmosphere is one of a local bar and restaurant: a friendly, informal and relaxed setting which is perfect for an evening of flamenco with drinks or dinner.  Seating is also never far from the stage with tables and chairs on two sides for a good view of the show. On many nights the show begins with an introduction as well as vocals by the owner, who is originally from Granada and often performs in other venues throughout Andalucia as well as Spain.

Flamenco in Cafetin La Quimera is an expression of traditional song and dance which comes from past generations of flamenco artists. No microphones or additional technical equipment are used for voice and guitar: the emphasis is always on the artist’s natural tools and talents to transmit the experiences of flamenco without effects. This pure performance style together with the improvised nature of the show creates the perfect setting for what they call duende, when the emotion of the moment connects the performer and audience for a true flamenco experience.

Show Information

Location:  Calle Sancho Dávila 34Madrid
Duration:  1.5 hours
Size: 100 people
Dining: Dinner
Performers: 6
Shows per night: 1-2 (Mon-Thu 22:00 | Fri-Sat 20:00/22:00 | Sun 20:00)
Aditional Venue Information:

Handicapped Facilities: Venue: accessible; Bathrooms: accessible
Public Transport: City Bus: 12; Metro: O’DONNELL, MANUEL BECERRA, VENTAS
GPS Coordinates: 40.42552, -3.66177
Non-smoking: The entire venue is non-smoking